Our OVER 50,000 mystery/undercover shoppers are customer-service evaluation professionals, bringing insights into speed of service, quality of goods, cleanliness, and almost every other market interaction you can imagine.

We are currently seeking on behalf of our Clients, dependable and motivated candidates to help evaluate the customer service experience in Shipping centers, local companies and retail stores within your area. 

The Mystery Shopper program revolves around the tactical conduct of an undercover customer service experience survey of a business without letting the staff of the establishment/ business know that the survey is being conducted. Signing up for this program requires no charge or fees. Its completely free to sign up and you do not need any prior experience to qualify as a mystery shopper. 

As a Mystery Shopper, you will walk into a store or establishment like a normal customer and interact with the clerk without hinting at the fact that you are carrying out a survey, while following the guidelines provided to you in your assignment briefing. 

JOB TYPE – Part-Time

PAY – $500 per assignment (You will handle multiple assignments monthly, between 6-15 assignments monthly)

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION – Open to applicants with any educational qualifications.

AGE – Applicants should be at least 18 years old.

If you are interested in this position (you don’t need prior experience in mystery shopping to qualify), You need to provide precise and honest answers to the questions below and also fill out the form with your correct information; You will be scheduled for a phone interview afterwards;