Vehicle Billboard Advertisement

We are seeking individuals, who will like to earn simply by driving their vehicle of any year, make or model, only with a logo plastered on its exterior surface while going through your normal daily route. The premise of this concept is one of the new ways adopted in this era to expand brands in the market. The concept tends to be eye-catching and attract lots of attention. It is a form of advertisement with a captive audience; even people who are in traffic cannot avoid seeing the decal alongside them.

This program will last for 12 Months and the minimum you can participate is 4 Months. You will be making $400 (upfront) weekly which is essentially a “rental payment” for letting the company use the space on your vehicle and no sign-up fee is required from you to get started. Super-Wraps shall provide experts that will handle the ad placing/removing on your vehicle , to ensure no damages is caused and full responsibility will be taken care by the company…..

The journey from product to successful brand! The management recognized that a brand can only remain successful if every department in the company and lots of employees are involved in establishing the brand. Sessions with up to 120 people from different Middle Eastern countries presented a major challenge. Questions such as:
“What does the brand represent?”
“What’s the brand’s unmistakable DNS (determinate normative system)?”
had to be worked out together. All the relevant activities within the fields of brand performance: Production, distribution, human resources and communications were finally laid out in the Brand Challenge Plan.
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